Commit af4e6b91 authored by vasilis's avatar vasilis

add api_url on populated process.env

parent 0afaf0cc
......@@ -34,7 +34,9 @@ const getPlugins = function (env) {
'process.env.httpHost': process.env.INK_HOST,
'process.env.httpPort': process.env.SLANGER_HTTP_PORT,
'process.env.wsHost': process.env.INK_HOST,
'process.env.wsPort': process.env.SLANGER_WS_PORT
'process.env.wsPort': process.env.SLANGER_WS_PORT,
'process.env.API_URL': process.env.API_URL,
'process.env.INK_HOST': process.env.INK_HOST
console.log("global variables:", GLOBALS);
console.log("process.env", process.env);
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