Commit 7340b27b authored by Wendell Piez's avatar Wendell Piez
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Cleanup after last repair (with apologies)

parent ad7b5353
......@@ -384,8 +384,6 @@
<xsw:match replace="$1&rsquo;">({$livechar})'</xsw:match>
<xsw:match replace="&lsquo;$1">'({$livechar})</xsw:match>
<xsw:match replace="">()([&lsquo;&ldquo;])()</xsw:match>
<!-- now the combinations -->
<xsw:match replace="&ldquo;$1">{$doubles}([&lsquo;&ldquo;])</xsw:match>
<xsw:match replace="$1&rdquo;">([&rsquo;&rdquo;]){$doubles}</xsw:match>
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