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It uses Rails 5 in API version.
## Setup with docker
Follow the instructions here to install docker and docker-compose
To run the stack:
## Setup with Docker (recommended)
docker-compose build
docker-compose up
Follow [the official instructions]( for installation of Docker and Docker Compose.
(optional) If your INK steps have Docker dependencies, add those services to a `docker-compose.override.yml` file in this directory.
Run `docker volume create --name=gems` to create a Docker volume for storing the Ruby gem dependencies outside the container.
Run `docker-compose build` to build the Docker images, then run `./bin/docker` to start the INK API service and its dependencies.
Once started, a command line prompt will open inside the running INK container. From that command line, run `./bin/setup` for initial application setup, or run `./bin/update` when needed for updates and migrations. Run `./bin/server` to start the server - after a while, a message will let you know that it's ready.
The INK API is now running. See [ink-client]( for a React front-end for creating and managing recipes.
## Setup gitlab CI
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