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## Editoria
This is the Editoria monorepo.
It consists of the main Editoria application, as well as the different [Pubsweet]( components and helper libraries that the app is made of.
### Get up and running
Get your copy of the repository.
git clone
cd editoria
Install all dependencies.
npm i
npm run bootstrap
Go to the app and create a database for it.
cd packages/editoria-app
npm run setupdb -- --dev
You should now have a `config/local-development.json` file.
Edit that to connect to [INK](
In this file, add the following:
"pubsweet-component-ink-backend": {
"inkEndpoint": "< your-ink-api-endpoint >",
"email": "< your-ink-email >",
"password": "< your-ink-password >"
You're good to go. Run the app with:
npm start
If for some reason you want to delete all dependencies from all the packages:
npm run clean
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