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......@@ -7,17 +7,9 @@ For more information, visit the project's [website]( or ou
The project has been built on top of [Pubsweet](
For the editor that Editoria uses, see its related project [Wax](
## Roadmap 2020
## Roadmap
The following are our goals until the end of the year:
- ~~Move everything to a single repo~~
- ~~Figure out and implement the simplest way to authenticate between services~~
- ~~Separate services (pagedjs & epubcheck) from the app and remove filesystem dependencies in favour of sending files over http~~
- ~~Dockerize the app~~
- ~~UI improvements~~
You can track the above plan in more detail in its [milestone](
We are currently working on replacing the editor with our new prosemirror-based editor. You can track the issue [here]( ETA is late February.
We are also in discussions about redesigning parts of the app. You can keep track of that in [these issues](
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