Commit 71bee4ca authored by Wendell Piez's avatar Wendell Piez

Updating list inferencer #152

parent 83a49088
......@@ -78,7 +78,8 @@
<xsl:function name="xsw:list-level" as="xs:integer?">
<xsl:param name="whose" as="element()"/>
<xsl:variable name="list-assignment" select="tokenize($whose/@style,'\s*;\s*')[matches(.,'xsweet-list-level:')]"/>
<!--<xsl:variable name="list-assignment" select="tokenize($whose/@style,'\s*;\s*')[matches(.,'xsweet-list-level:')]"/>-->
<xsl:variable name="list-assignment" select="$whose/@data-xsweet-list-level"/>
<!-- level is only the value, ordinarily a whole number (zero or positive integer) -->
<xsl:sequence select="if (exists($list-assignment)) then xs:integer(replace($list-assignment,'^.*list-level:\s*','')) else ()"/>
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