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Tips for using pubsweet with no root rights and no changes to PATH
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......@@ -8,12 +8,27 @@ Once these are installed, you can install `pubsweet`, our command-line tool:
yarn global add pubsweet
And use it to create a new application:
In case you can't install yarn globally, type:
yarn add pubsweet
and it will install pubsweet in your home directory.
Then use it to create a new application:
pubsweet new yourAppName
You may get an error if the pubsweet executable is not in your `PATH`.
You may set the `PATH` environment variable or simply replace the command `pubsweet` with `yarn pubsweet`, like this:
yarn pubsweet new yourAppName
This will initialize a new PubSweet application based on [PubSweet starter](
Once this is complete (it will also install the needed dependencies), you can start developing with PubSweet:
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