Commit 77989b5b authored by Alexandros Georgantas's avatar Alexandros Georgantas

Merge branch 'users' into 'master'

fix(app): no users delete

See merge request editoria/ucp!20
parents cc5d7184 452ab5f1
......@@ -853,7 +853,7 @@ module.exports = {
return false
delete: true,
delete: false,
read: (userId, operation, object, context) => {
const mode = new EditoriaMode(userId, operation, object, context)
mode.backend = true
const logger = require('@pubsweet/logger')
const { User } = require('@pubsweet/models')
const createAdmin = async userData => {'Creating user', userData.username)
const user = new User(userData)
await`Successfully added user: ${user.username}`)
return user
module.exports = createAdmin
username: 'admin1',
password: 'password',
email: '',
admin: true,
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