PubSweet: The open toolkit for building publishing workflows

| [![MIT license](]( [![mattermost](]( [![Commitizen friendly](]( | | :--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------: | # Overview **PubSweet** allows you to build state-of-the-art publishing platforms. It's a modular and flexible framework consisting of a **server** and **client** that work together, **components** that can modify or extend the functionality of the server and/or client, and a **command-line tool** that helps manage PubSweet apps. # Documentation The [PubSweet website]( contains all of the documentation for the PubSweet framework. Please submit an issue or MR if you find a piece of information is missing! # Support - **If you have a general query about PubSweet**, or want to discuss anything with us, come and [chat to us in our Mattermost channel]( - **Bug reports and feature requests** belong in the issues of this monorepo. # Projects using PubSweet - [Editoria]( - a book production platform built for University of California Press - [elife-xpub]( - A journal publishing platform in collaboration with eLife - [xpub-review]( - A journal publishing platform in collaboration with Hindawi - [Micropubs]( - A micropublications platform in collaboration with Wormbase - [Xpub]( - Collabra, a journal publishing platform # Credits PubSweet is part of the [Collaborative Knowledge Foundation]( family.