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Science Blogger

Powered by PubSweet.


Node.js, version above or equal to 6.0.0, is a requirement, read about how to install it here: https://nodejs.org/en/


$ git clone git@gitlab.coko.foundation:pubsweet/science-blogger.git
$ cd science-blogger
$ npm install

Start the server

First, initialize your blog by running and going through the setup process:

$ NODE_ENV=dev npm run setup

To start the JS compilation and webserver, run:

$ npm run dev

Point your browser to: http://localhost:3000/manage/posts and login with the chosen admin username and password and all should be well. Visit http://localhost:3000 for the blog landing page.


Themes are a PubSweet component. If you want to write a custom theme, set your theme component in config.js. When you require a style from a component, using e.g. import './Signup.scss' in app/components/Signup/Signup.jsx, we'll automatically find the right themed style (e.g. app/components/PepperTheme/Signup/Signup.scss if theme is set to PepperTheme). You can then continue working on your themed styles as usual, and the page will hot-reload when you change anything.

How to look into the database for debugging purposes

Run a PouchDB server (comes with the app):

$ npm run pouchdb

And navigate to http://localhost:5984/_utils/. Click "Add New Database" and enter "dev", to connect to the development database. You should now be able to run queries on your development database.

Production installation

These are instructions for Ubuntu 15.10, exact steps may vary from OS to OS so if you're using another system, please take this as general guidance only.

First install node 4.x

curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_4.x | sudo -E bash -
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

Then clone the repository:

git clone https://gitlab.coko.foundation/pubsweet/science-blogger.git

Install the required npm modules:

npm install

Build the production JS:

npm run build

Configure your initial admin account, you have two options: Through an interactive prompt

NODE_ENV=production npm run setup

Manually passing the arguments

npm run setup -- --username="yourusername" --email="youremail" --password="yourpassword" --collectionTitle="yourcollection"

Note: -- is required by npm to pass the arguments

Start the server:

npm run start

The application should now be accessible through port 80 on your server.