The open toolkit for building publishing workflows

| ![PubSweet home]( [![MIT license](]( [![mattermost](]( [![Commitizen friendly](]( | | :---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------: | # Contents * [Overview](#overview) - [PubSweet packages](#pubsweet-packages) * [Getting started](#getting-started) * [Support](#support) * [Credits](#credits) # Overview **PubSweet** allows you to build state-of-the-art publishing platforms. It's a modular and flexible framework consisting of a **server** and **client** that work together, **components** that can modify or extend the functionality of the server and/or client, and a **command-line tool** that helps manage PubSweet apps. ## PubSweet packages (managed with Lerna) | package | description | | :------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | :-------------------------------------------------------------------- | | [![pubsweet-server]( pubsweet-server]( | an extensible RESTful API that runs on the server | | [![pubsweet-client]( pubsweet-client]( | an extensible frontend app that runs in the browser | | [![pubsweet-components]( pubsweet-components]( | components for server and/or client | | [![pubsweet-cli]( pubsweet cli]( | a suite of command-line tools for building and managing your platform | | [pubsweet-theme-plugin]( | webpack plugin for theme support in PubSweet | | [@pubsweet/logger]( | logging utility | | [@pubsweet/db-manager]( | utility for managing PubSweet databases | # Getting started The entry-point into PubSweet is the `pubsweet` command-line tool: [pubsweet-cli]( # Support * **If you have a general query about PubSweet**, or want to discuss anything with us, come and [chat to us in our Mattermost channel]( * **Bug reports and feature requests** belong in the issues of this monorepo. # Projects using PubSweet * [Editoria]( - a book production platform built for University of California Press * [Xpub]( - a journal publishing platform # Credits PubSweet is part of the [Collaborative Knowledge Foundation]( family.