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The Top Free Online Games to Play Today on Your Browser

What do you usually do when you have free time? Well, some people will listen to music, some read books and watch hit boxer films. But more than eighty-five percent of those people will choose to play some online browser games since it is too good and fun for players to unwind alone or with friends. Some of the amazing games below will be right up your street, check it all now.
Online games always attract gamers with its beautiful graphics
The first game is the post is called Fortride: Open ride. This game was first released in October 2018, a couple of months ago so it is kind of a new hot driving game for all players. What is special about the game? 
Of course, it is a simulation racing car game for those who still wonder. In this game, you have to control a gorgeous car through every scene of the mysterious big open world. You can drive away the whole map, boost up your speed and even fly over a number of ramps which are situated all over the large-scale map. The stunning platform and awesome graphics definitely hold players’ attention.
Drive away and make a big stunt.
One more thing to add, you can create your own tracks, build many ramps through the map, then you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery for yourself. Jump high and perform the wildest stunts. Let play and have fun!
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The next game in the post is, one of the stunning .io games from Clow Games. First, this game is a multiplayer game, which means that you have to compete against other online players. Before you start this game, you have to choose your character to fight with. The battle will be more intense when you have to try to survive and eliminate as many players you can. By using your bare fists to hurt and kill the enemies, you will see the enemies’ health- bar decreasing and they will die eventually.
Try to eliminate more enemies as you can
If you get punched by the enemies, you will die too. So be careful. You can gain experience by collecting more blobs which are all around the limited map. This is also the way to help you to fill your level bar. The more bulbs you get, the more levels will be up, not mention to extra health points. Do you have what it takes to come out on top and rule this game? The choice is up to you. 
More great games are waiting for you ahead at free online games to play with friends. Let discover them and find your own favorites.
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