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ARK - Survival Evolved One of The Best Survival Games

ARK - Survival Evolved Mobile is a remarkable free-to-play Android game. It is a survival game with special gameplay - hunting dinosaur.
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ARK: Survival Evolved which is known as the unique prehistoric survival game published by Wildcard Studios. This game is recently released on the mobile platform, specifically for the Android operating system.

ARK already has a reputation on the PC platform, so when it come to the mobile platform, gamers are quite excited to download this game to their Android. The features and game system on the PC and the mobile version are quite similar.


For those who have never heard of ARK, this is an open-world survival game with many dinosaurs of all sizes ranging from low to high, from herbivorous to predator and from aquatic to the sky species.

The prerequisite in any survival game is that you need to collect resources from the flora, fauna and minerals found in the terrain, from which you can build the necessary equipment, supplies and even build houses to withstand dinosaur attacks or the rigors of weather.

ARK brings us over 100 species of animals in the PC version, but in the mobile version, the number of dinosaurs fell to over 80. Besides, the system control, movement, and manipulation are well designed, which helps players experience the game even more.

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Survival mechanism

The difference between most of the other survival game is that while in other games, you have to search and collect stuff to complete the mission. In ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile, the formula for the new equipment is made by upgrading the level of equipment. All the operations are through a special system called Engram.

In addition to the equipment available in the game, there are some common things such as clothing, weapons, construction tools and versatile items that are very useful for your survival.

Multiplayer Gameplay feature

Another interesting feature that ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile is also integrated from the PC version is that you can choose to play solo or play online with friends or other players.

Solo mode allows you to experience the game in your own way without any interference from other players, which might be be boring for some players. The online mode is born to solve this problem and for those who want to communicate, play with their friends they can play freely through online mode.


In General, 

As mentioned above, the more beautiful the game, the more demand of configuration requirements are. But if you have a strong device, you should definitely try this game.

ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile is completely free and suitable for those who can not spend too much. So download this game from our store right now, and don’t forget to share your experience with others. 

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