Wax Editor

| [![MIT license](https://img.shields.io/badge/license-MIT-e51879.svg)](https://gitlab.coko.foundation/wax/wax-prosemirror/raw/master/LICENSE) | | :------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------: | This library is being developed by [Cabbage Tree Labs] (https://www.cabbagetreelabs.org). Wax Editor is built on top of the Prosemirror library. Check Prosemirror [website](https://prosemirror.net/) and [GitHub repo](https://github.com/ProseMirror) for more information. ## [Demo of Editoria's Edtior.](http://wax-demo.coko.foundation/) ## Get up and running Run a local version of the Editoria's editor 1. `git clone git@gitlab.coko.foundation:wax/wax-prosemirror.git` 2. `yarn with node >= 12` 3. `yarn editoria` Will bring up a demo of the Editoria Ediitor 4. `yarn storybook` Will bring up storybook for components Scripts: `yarn` , `yarn clean`, `yarn reset` ## Documentation Documentation can be found [here](https://waxjs.net/docs/wax/).