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Fixing path for images media folder

For resolving an issue #178

Problem: When we convert docx to html the xsl builds the wrong path to media folder with images. And as a result html doesn't contain images.

Version: We are using pubsweet/job-xsweet:1.5.4 image which contains this issue.

Fix: To fix it you need to change docx-html-extract.xsl Please replace the raw <xsl:variable name="docx-base" select="resolve-uri('.', document-uri(/))"/> to <xsl:variable name="docx-base" select="substring-before(resolve-uri('.', document-uri(/)), '/word')"/>

Request This solution already tested and builds correct path for images. Could you kindly fix the file and update image with this fix? Unfortunately I don't have persmissions to create a branch and pull request inside the project

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