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Draft: Cypress tests

Sidorela Uku requested to merge cypress-tests into master

*This MR is replaced by !268

This MR adds cypress tests for the following actions:


  • User login and logout.
  • User signs up to the app.
  • Password reset.
  • Editing personal info of the user.
  • Changing user Password.


  • Adding a book.
  • Renaming a book.
  • Archiving a book.
  • Deleting a book.
  • Adding and checking the presence of metadata of the book.
  • Adding , importing and deleting assets with asset manager.
  • Editing the file info in asset manager
  • Adding , removing - front matter, body and back matter.
  • Adding , removing ,Editing components of front matter , body, back matter.
  • Uploading word files.


  • Checked action bar and that everything works.
  • Creating different block level tools


  • Adding and removing production editor.
  • Adding and removing copy editor.
  • Adding and removing author.
  • Global team manager. *Testing the UI for different roles (Production editor , Copy editor , Author).


  • Adding a template.
  • Updating a template.
  • Deleting a template.
  • Deleting template file.
  • Add , Change and Delete template thumbnail.
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