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fix(*): fixes malformed HTML coming from xsweet

Dan Visel requested to merge xsweet-problematic-symptom-fix into main

This is to deal with what's described in the comments of #1023 (closed). Sometimes XSweet is turning math, which should look something like this:


to this:


If that's not invalid HTML, it's not quite sensical, and it breaks further parsing – so the math tags get thrown away. What this fix does is to replace <h4><h4> and </h4></h4> with <p> and </p> respectively; with this in place, parsing works normally.

However! This is basically plastering over a problem that's coming from XSweet. I don't know why we're getting the nested <h4>s; I don't know if they're always <h4>s. If there's a way to fix this problem on that end, that would be a greatly superior solution.

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