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WIP: Upgrade

Yannis Barlas requested to merge webpack into master

The scope of this MR is quite large, and introduces several refactors and upgrades:

Client side:

  • config is now completely disconnected from the client. All client side configuration should be done through environment variables.
  • As a consequence of the above CLIENT_PDF_URL now needs to be an environment variable
  • Delegate webpack configuration to @coko/client. This means that the webpack folder no longer exists in this repo.
  • Delegate storybook configuration to @coko/storybook
  • Upgrade to @apollo/client 3
  • Upgrade to styled-components 5
  • Upgrade to react 17

Server side:

  • The api folder under server now includes two folders:
  • graphql (which includes the previous contents of api)
  • rest (which includes the endpoints for wormbase, pubmed, datacite and exports)
  • Upgrade to objection 2


  • Delegate linting configuration to @coko/lint
  • Add production and staging docker configs

closes #215 #284 #5 #53

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