Getting started with PubSweet

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The open toolkit for building publishing workflows

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PubSweet allows you to build state-of-the-art publishing platforms.

It's a modular and flexible framework consisting of a server and client that work together, components that can modify or extend the functionality of the server and/or client, and a command-line tool that helps manage PubSweet apps.

PubSweet modules

repository description
pubsweet-server pubsweet/pubsweet-server an extensible backend API that runs on the server
pubsweet-client pubsweet/pubsweet-client an extensible frontend app that runs in the browser
pubsweet-components pubsweet/pubsweet-components pluggable extensions for server and/or client
pubsweet-cli pubsweet/pubsweet-cli a suite of command-line tools for building and managing your platform

Getting started

The entry-point into PubSweet is the pubsweet command-line tool: pubsweet-cli.


Projects using PubSweet

  • Editoria - a book production platform built for University of California Press


PubSweet is part of the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation family.